Telecraft designed this family of SONET fiber optics testing products for Telesync, including all of the electrical and mechanical engineering. The TSI-5320 test system provides optical testing at rates from OC-48 (2.5GB/S) to OC-192 (10GB/S). This rack mount system is powered from -48VDC (Telephone Station Battery Power). We designed each plug-in module installable in either of two chassis types (fifteen slot and four slot).

These chassis designs incorporate cooling fans which required thermal modeling considerations for effective removal of heat (The fully loaded fifteen slot chassis produces over 750 watts of heat). Click on the picture to the right to see a larger front view image of the fifteen slot chassis.

The image to the left is of the four slot chassis. This chassis is unique in that it can be sold in two forms, a rack mount and a portable version. The portable version, as shown here, has a carrying handle and rubber feet on both the side and the bottom. We've designed a 110VAC to 48VDC power supply module which is permanently installed on the rear for the portable application. For rack mount, the handle, feet and power supply module are replaced with rack adapter brackets and the system accepts -48VDC station battery power. This chassis is shown with a CPU module, an OC-48 Receiver module and two OC-48 transmitter modules.