Throughout the early years of electronics, the printed circuit board (PCB) was thought to be merely the mechanical support for circuitry. However, in the new era of high frequency digital systems, circuit boards are now playing a critical role, as a circuit component requiring considerably more design attention. In addition, electronic components have changed with the onset of new packaging technologies such as ball grid arrays and more mineature surface mount parts. Controled impedance traces, increasing numbers of required logic voltages, and much smaller trace geometries have greatly increased PCB complexity.

At Telecraft, we've embraced these new trends and have developed special measures for maximizing the performance of copper and dielectrics. We understand that the PCB is critical in the elimination of unwanted Electromagnetic Radiation (EMI), and have developed proven design methods for virtually guaranteeing first pass complinace for FCC EMI testing requirements.

In other designs, we specify special dielectric materials, copper and layer thicknesses and other physical properties for the finished board. We perform impedance calculations, crosstalk analysis, and generate test models to determine optimum circuit trace geometries as well as including proper transmission line terminations to eliminate unwanted reflections. Many new high speed digital designs require accurate control of trace lengths to control arrival times based on the propagation speeds of signals.

Whether its power, audio, digital, RF or analog, or a mixture, choose Telecraft for all of your printed circuit layout needs.